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Why choose New Jersey Auctioneers?

You want the best, you need the best, your family deserves the best

Champion Auctioneers New Jersey

  1. When expertise matters, you call a professional.
  2. When money and lives are on the line, you call a professional team.
  3. When your livelihood, your family estate or your assets are involved, you should only be consulting with licensed and bonded professionals.

The auction is one tool in the wealth management toolkit.  First, if you are in a seller position, contact our knowledgeable auctioneers for a free confidential consultation.  Never any obligation.  Evaluate your portfolio and determine the best course of action.

New Jersey Auctioneers FACTS!

  • Our live contract NJ auctioneers sell at auctions you have attended!
  • Our live contract NJ auctioneers are the same as seen on T.V. and simulcast over the Internet via Invaluable, Auction Zip, Bid Spotter and Proxibid.
  • Our live contract NJ auctioneers specialize in various items at auction including real estate, antiques, fine art, coins and jewelry
  • Our live contract NJ auctioneers

NJ Auctions of Real Estate and Property