Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.  Will our trained, educated, experienced, multi billion dollar auctioneers work for free?
  • A.  No, sorry, but nice try.  We bring our customers value and are compensated fairly generally on a flat fee and or commission basis.
  • Q.  Will your auctioneers be the cheapest auctioneer?
  • A.  No, probably not.  Next time you are having surgery, ask your physician if they mind being the cheapest surgeon for every patient.  Our prices are competitive and we are dedicated to quality service.
  • Q.  Will I have to pay sales tax if I am buying?
  • A.  Perhaps, it depends on what type of auction we are hosting, and where the auction is located.  Each auction will have terms and conditions which pertain to the next specific auction event.
  • Q.  Will I have to charge sales tax if I am selling?
  • A.  We are licensed and bonded auctioneers and will assist you in determining how to handle transactions with customers.  Contact our representatives to discuss your specific sale directly.  No obligation.


NJ Auctions of Real Estate and Property