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Fist-pumps happen around our auction block.  Usually the result of our professional and licensed auctioneers.  The crowds get so excited they can’t help themselves.

Simple facts of life about our great New Jersey State.

We offer professional, locally knowledgeable NJ auctioneers for your real estate, personal property and benefit auctions.  Contact us here for fair business and free valuable consultations.

Each of our New Jersey Auctioneers are specialized and trained by the National Auctioneers Association.  Much like physicians, our professional NJ auctioneers have graduated specialized training programs in the field(s) of study pertaining to their expertise.

  • We have licensed real estate brokers who are local NJ auctioneers for example, who have also attended and graduated the Accredited Auctioneer Real Estate Professionals NAA program (AARE).
  • We offer licensed personal property and real estate property appraisers who are Graduate Personal Property Appraisers (GPPA) from the NAA and Federally accredited program for court approved appraisers.
  • For exceptionally valuable assets we offer the highest level of Master Graduate Personal Property Appraisers (GPPA) from the NAA and Federally accredited program for court approved appraising auctioneers.
  • For large estate auctions of personal property and real estate, we offer Certified Estate Specialists (CES) graduates from the NAA’s accredited auctioneering program.  These specialized estate auctioneers maximize returns on personal estate auctions.
  • For Charity Benefits we offer Benefit Auctioneer Specialists (BAS) from the NAA.  These highly trained and experienced black tie fundraising professionals are la creme de la creme in the elite charity auctioneer business.

Each and every senior New Jersey Auctioneer from is also a graduate of the three year “masters” CAI program for the most accomplished auction professionals.  There is no higher level of auctioneer based teaching for auctioneers and auction house owners in the world.

Our graduates of the Certified Auctioneers Institute insure clients have the best practices and ethics available.

Because of our dedication to self education and community, the resources of our CAI graduates are known worldwide as utilizing the proven method of auction marketing beyond average auctioneers.

We have committed to excellence, education and service above self.  We welcome you, our neighbors and visitors into our New Jersey Auctioneers’ Family!

Thank you for choosing our locally based and nationally experienced auctioneers for your next profitable auction.

New Jersey Auctioneers

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